Borhan Khna’s advertisement film ‘Blind Road’


When the people are looking for a little shade, trying to scape from hot sunny day. Just then on the busy road near Farmgate, Dhaka angry crowd of more than hundred people was seen arround a biker boy and police force is bargaining with them.

The all-day shooting was done for a public awareness advertisement film called ‘Blind Road’. Famous actor Fazlur Rahman Babu is playing the lead role. Camelia Ranga, Durjoy Mamun and Din Islam is playing the supporting role. Young filmmaker Borhan Khan is making the Advertisement film.

Fazlur Rahman Babu said, “Many people in our country do not know what Blind Road is. When people will see the video, everyone will know about that. My character in the story is a Pedestrian. ‘

Director Borhan Khan said, “Blind road provides a road guideline for the blind peoples. A special section in the middle of the sidewalk is called ‘Blind Road’. Which is still unknown to many people in our country. Informing the knowledge and respecting the law is highlighted in the advertisement.”

Blind road provides a road guideline for the blinders. There are two shapes of blind road: rectangle and roundness. Rectangle blind road guide the direction of the way for blinders while roundness blind road gives a warning sign for the blinder without safety because of unidentified position and direction.

To inform this matter and inspire public to obey the law this video is making. This Initiative to inform people about blind road is taken by famous police officer Habibur Rahman. He is the Dhaka Range DIG of Bangladesh Police.

The young director added, “Farmgate is a crowded area, busy roads. There were several problems with the crowd during the shooting. However, with the help of Police, I was able to finish the shooting properly. Arifin Molla, a prominent businessman was particularly helped us in this work. At the end of the editing on a special occasion it will release.’

In addition, baby actress Ariana Arifin made her debut in this video. There will some surprises in the advertisement, which will be seen after release, as creator Borhan said.


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