Coming Soon ‘Bandhob’


Entertainment Reporter : Recently, the first movie ‘Bandhob’, which was released by Bangladesh Film Censor Board, was won by Mou Khan. This film has been created by producer Sujan Barua. Picture story and dialogue Writes Ma Rubel. The film was produced by Anup Kumar Barua and Abul Bashar.

Apart from Mou Khan, Gazi Rakayet, Rebecca Rauf, Joy Raj, late Siraj Haider, Sumit, Asma, Habib Khan, Anna, Shaila, Urmi, Arfan and others have also starred in this movie.

Producer Sujon Barua Banel said that the story of ‘Bandhob’ from the censor board has been praised, ‘Recently got the’ Bandhob photo from the censor board. The members of the censor board also appreciated the story of the picture. That’s why we are happy with the whole team. I believe the audience will love this picture too. I’m much more optimistic about the picture.

He also said, ‘A beautiful film requires a basic and real story. And the camera has tried to show the viewer by capturing the camera. And a special class wanted to ask why the baby is born in Dustbin? What his crime ‘.’

Asked about the release of ‘Bandhob’ photo, Producer Sujon Barua said, “After the Eid, the plan is to release the film in second or third week. I hope we can release the beautiful movie beautifully. That’s why we will start the campaign very soon. ‘

In this context, the heroine Mou Khan said, “I have invented myself to work on the film. Thinking of this as the heroine of this first, I started thinking of this act as an actress. And 95% of the story is above me.

He also said, ‘The work has been done in a beautiful story. I want to work on a better film based on such stories. And I want to thank my production company Anupam Chitkate and Director. Hopefully, when the viewers go see ‘Bandhob’.

On the other hand, on April 5, several films of the country were released when the movie was released by Mou Khan, ‘The Fire of Retaliation’. This picture was made in the novel by Mou Khan. In contrast, the hero Zayed Khan played opposite him. This film has been created by producer Mohammad Aslam.

There is also another movie waiting for Mou Khan. This is the ‘Bahaduri’ directed by Shafiq Hasan. The film has already finished the work. Very soon the film will be released.


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