Coming Soon ‘Nazrul Raz’


Entertainment Reporter: Producer and actor Nazrul Raz has played a new drama named ‘Bandhu Baayeeman’. In contrast, Lux Superstar Nadia Mim has played opposite This play has created an independent Fouad. In the meantime, shooting of the play ended in Uttara and Banani.

In the story, Nadia loves Mimon with Shaon. Meanwhile, Nadia wants to marry her father with another boyfriend. Shawon is very frightened son of nature. In any case, Nadia could not have agreed to run away from Shaon.

Finally Nadia fled with Faran. Police arrested Faran and Nadia after receiving the news. Nazrul Raj will be seen in the role of police officer. Nazrul later went to Nadia’s love after the arrest. In this way the story of the drama goes forward.

‘Bandhu Baayeeman’ will be broadcast on private television channel Eid coming. This play is scripted and composed by S. Siraji. In addition to Nazrul Raz-Nadia Mim in this play, Faran, Shaon, Pirajada Harun, Abhara Sahabanti, Milton, Neel and others have also played.


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