Coming Soon New Music Video ‘Purnimar Chand’


Entertainment reporter: Music Video ‘Purnimar Chand’ recently created. Singer Rakib Masum gave voice to the song Farzana, Neel Mitra and Maruf Sarker have been modeled on this music video. Rana Ibrahim has created the music video.

Regarding this, director Rana Ibrahim said, this is a different work. Which will give viewers great pleasure. And those who did this work did very well.

Singer Rakib Masum said, “I am very happy to sing this song. Hopefully the visitors will be very happy.

Model Maruf Sarker said, I first want to thank the music video director Rana Ibrahim brother and vocalist Rakib Masum Bhai for giving me such a job opportunity. This is my first music video so I am very happy about this work.

I hope those who are my well-wishers can watch this music video even though they may be encouraged through this work to do a better job. Produced by Rana Ibrahim, the music video will be released within a few days of SoundText banner.


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