Coming Soon New Music Video


Entertainment Reporter : Recently the new music video ‘Achanena’ has been built in front of Eid. Singer Monir Hossain, composer, music and voice singer Swapnil Arif Recently shooting for this music video ended. It has worked as a model for Sanjia Moon and Revolution Music Video on the romantic story. The music video is directed by Rana Ibrahim.

In this context, the producer Rana Ibrahim said, “We have finished shooting the music video 300 feet and shooting at different locations in Rupganj. This song is very beautiful. I hope the music video will be liked by the audience. This music video has worked as a model of Sanjia Moon and Revolution. The song will be published on Eid Youtube channel.

Model Sunjia Moon said, I have done my first work with director Rana Ibrahim Bhoya and Model Revolution. The chemistry of Gana was very good. Rana Ibrahim Bhai has tried to capture the work and see how the viewers are watching.


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