Coming Soon ‘Simanto’


Entertainment Reporter : Actor Azizul Hakim Simanto border at the time of Dhaka movie. He recently signed a new movie called ‘Swapno’. The film has already started shooting in different locations in Gazipur. The film is being produced by Raju Chowdhury. The border is acting in a significant role.

About the new picture, actor Simanto said, ‘The creator of Raju Bhai is a good builder. Before that I played in his ‘Swapno’ movie. This is my second job with him. Initially shooting of the first lot of the movie ‘dream’ has also started. Hope this movie will be liked by the audience too.

Regarding the story of ‘dream’, actor Simanto said, ‘The story of this picture is quite different from the traditional trend of a different genre. In this film I am the best friend of the hero and I am the son of a big man in the village. There is a song in this movie that I want to shoot out of the country. Visitors can see me in new form.’

Apart from Simanto, this film is also being played by more people including Ratul Khan Siam, Navyrin, Souma, Alexander Bo, Rebecca Rauf. Screenwriter and dialogue of this film is written by the creator Raju Chowdhury himself.

He also starred in a new movie named ‘Password’ directed by Malik Afsari. He has already finished shooting and dubbing the film. The film is about the release of Eid.

Apart from the unique Mamun ‘Bandhan’, ‘My Mother My Paradise’ directed by Badiul Alam Khokan, ‘Too love so much’ directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik and all the ‘Danger Zones’ directed by Belal Sunny are waiting for release.


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