Farhan Chowdhury A Young Super Model Representing Bangladesh Worldwide


Farhan Chowdhury, an International Super Model Who went to United States of America from Bangladesh with a view to achieve higher studies in Minnesota State University, Mankatoafter graduating from one of the renowned institutions of Bangladesh MCSK. To be a very good model in Bangladesh, a person needs face a lot of hurdles. To bring uniqueness and to become the nation’s pride, he is now waving the flag of Bangladesh in the international platform being a Successful Super model there. It is a great achievement for our youth and nation.

Heis fabricating himself perfectly to be embellished as a renowned fashion model. This Journey of him towards this passion has started to grow from April of the last year. It all started with a little funny initiative taken by his friends. Few friends of him at that moment collected some of his iconic pictures and then sent those to some advertisement agency. Few days later he got call from those Advertisement agencies.

And from then today’s Farhan starts to cherish his dormant talent of modelling. Already he has walked in many shows including LPF Fashion Show, Fashion Show Benefit Drive Gala, Pump Fashion Show, Minnesota Fashion Week, Raw Fashion Show and many more famous fashion shows. It is also a matter of honor for us that He is the first and only model from Bangladesh who has participated in Northern VOGUE Fashion Show.

It is very obvious that an artistry son’s mother is also come out to be a gem. To tell about Farhan’s mother she is a fashion designer who instituted a Fashion house named ‘Saptaparna’. It’s been a long a tenure of 25 years for his mother to nurture this fashion house enhancing the fashion of the future. This diligent effort of his mother brought immense success to her career.

Farhan also launched a website(www.saptaparnabd.com)which was created by him to run his mother’s business all over the world.Saptaparna” is going to be the first and only fashion house from Bangladesh whose designs will be showcased on the biggest platform of Fashion Industry “New York Fashion Week”.

It will be another delightful moment for our nation to cherish because on this coming 10th February Farhan is going to walk in New York’s Fashion week show symbolizing his mother’s designed apparel. He is going to lead and dominate the ramp walk on that due date. He is going to be the first model to walk in ‘New York Fashion Week’ as a model from Bangladesh.

Don’t you think it is going to be one of the most glorious moment for all of us? Adding to all of his achievement he is going to create a revolution in glamour world being the first ever Bangladesh model to make debut ramp walk in ‘Los Angeles Fashion Week’ and ‘Las Vegas Fashion Week’ too.

And it will evidently bring gratification when all the foreign models will walk in the ramp stage with a certain outfit which has been architected by a Bangladeshi Fashion Designer. This feeling will remark Farhan with utmost satisfaction and attainment.

Farhan Chowdhury this young intellectual is also an event organizer and a DJ himself. He has worked with many international artists such as: T-Pain, Silento, BOB, Jay Sean,Sammy Adams, Huey Mack, Eric Mina and many others. He is also acting in a music video with Ken Soul who just dropped an album Billboard Music Vol 1 and have the highest views in YouTube for his last song in Twin Cities.      

Previously, his mother’s designed costumes have been displayed in Minnesota’s show for the first time ever in PUMP fashion show and LPF fashion show. For a son it is obviously a matter of dignity. He is representing our country in overseas and alsouplifting our country globally. He is upholding Bangladesh to a more respectful position. He is our Nation’s pride.

Do you want to work in Bangladesh as well? A question was made to him. On his reply he told happily that he wants to render his expertise in his motherland in a broader version. He added with pride that he loves his country very much. He said, “Though I am staying in United States of America, my mind and heart both remains in the womb of my motherland.

If there aregood opportunities, I am more than interested to work here in my country”. But for the time being I want to keep myself busy with my International Career.

Farhan Chowdhury is a pride for Bangladesh. We wish him a great success in his career.


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