‘Goendagiri’ to be released on Eid


Entertainment reporter : ‘Goendagiri’ is being released on the upcoming Eid. However, the director wants to release the film in cineplaces, not the whole country. Photo director Nasim Sahani on Friday confirmed the press conference on the release of the photo of FDC Zahir Raihan auditorium.

Director Nasim Sahani said that the film has been built beyond the great hostility of preparation. ‘Goendagiri’ is the story of the hobby Goendagiri The film was scripted for quite some time. Then gradually moving forward is the construction process.

Diverse Locations used in shooting Recently the movie received uncut censorship from the sensorboard. We are preparing to release the film on the upcoming Eid. But not all the country, we want to release the film in the cineplaces.

Producer Mamunur Islam said, Ammajon film wants to give the film a taste of interesting and interesting movies for the audience. It’s been built from that effort. The film is an extraordinary construction for children. This is a movie that will not bring the elderhood back to childhood.

Producer leader Khorshed Alam Khasru said, “When you come to the movie you see the picture. If this requirement is returned to the movie, he will make another movie. We’ll get another movie.

In the story of Goendagiri, it is seen that a teenage teenage girl is going for a holiday. They have a special identity as they dream that there will be big detectives in the future. Some of them are idol Sherlock Holmes, Feluda of somebody, some of the three Goendagiris, some of them are James Bond.

Suddenly there was a scream of an old ghost house in the media. The house in the forest is cursed or cursed. The hobby Goendagiris escorted the curse of this house and discovered the hobby Goendagiris. In this campaign, the mystery of mystery will be found, as well as the tinnaj khunasuti, teenage romanticism.

In the film, Kalyan Koraiya, Mim Chowdhury, Biman Ahmed, Shampa Hasnain, Kochi Khandakar, Tarek Mahmud, Tutul Chowdhury, Shikha Khan, Tania Rai, Prince and others have played the role.

Sheikh Anni Rahman, MP, was the chief guest at the program. Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Culture was present as special guest. Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, President of Bangladesh Film Directors Association Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, Ammajon Films Chairman Mamunur Islam.


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