Heart of Gold : Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury


Being a supermodel is a hard job, but having a heart of gold at the same time is a rare combination. Yes, we are talking about Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury. People spend their lives running after money, but he runs after love, respect and helping other people.

He believes anyone can make millions of dollars but few people are lucky enough who get chance to make people happy and get happy tears in their eyes. Just a few days back, He collaborated with an organization named Helping bees to help orphans and underprivileged children in Bangladesh. They gave out clothes and food to hundreds of kids going around Bangladesh for their Eid.

Rather than spending money on his needs, he saved and donated all that money to that organization to help those kids. What a delightful example of a wonderful human being who thinks of these kids then himself.After this successful events, he is planning to do something big next time collaborating with many helping organizations of Bangladesh.

Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is walking in June 8 on Lavish Life Yacht party (pt.3) Fashion Show which will be held on Stillwater In the United States. He is walking for designers like Melevated, Life Custom, Travel Buji, Got Loud, etc.

It is going to be a sold out show since it will be organized by one of the best event organizers of the United States ATG Booming and LPF Productions. DJ for this event will be one of the famous DJ of USA DJ Enferno, who is also an organizer of this show.


Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury will also walk in 2nd Annual Achievement Awards and Catwalk for Autism Awarness month Fashion show which is also hosted by Minnesota’s Finest Supermodel MSDenisia on June 22nd of this month. This event will take place at the Crowne Plaza, Minnesota.

Tickets are on sale, and they are pretty close to being sold out. All the money raised from this show will go to the Autism Charity Foundation. International Famous designer Parvis Chowdhury, who is also the mother of Farhan Chowdhury, will have her designs in this award and fashion show. It will be a proud moment for Bangladesh to have our talent showcased on such a big show.


Supermodel Farhan is also walking in New York Fashion Week in September and Los Angeles Fashion Week in October.He is a pride of Bangladesh. We all wish him more success in his career.


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