Ila Jahan Nodi is Ahead of The Election Talks


Entertainment Reporter: The selection of Bangladesh Film Producers Association is going to be held after a long seven years due to litigation and various complications. Producer and creator Ila Jahan Nodi will contest as the acting member in this election to be held tomorrow (July 27). His voter is No 35.

Already, the candidates are seeking votes from the members of the Producers Association. Besides, they are making many promises. Ela Ila Jahan Nodi is in the forefront of the discussion. In this context, producer and producer Ila Jahan Nodi talks with the river today.

If this is the first producer and distributor participating in the selection of the association, I see that there is a buzz around you, if you tell me a bit about it.

Ila Jahan Nodi: In fact, I have tried to maintain good relations with everyone who has or has not participated in the elections, and I am a little entertaining person.

I saw myself today at the FDC, many are saying that you will win by getting the highest number of votes this time, how do you think everyone can get so close in such a short time?

Ila Jahan Nadi: 1 The one who said I had some kind of madness was the one who did the most. I want to be associated with cinema, Hari Jitti will stay with the movie.

You are a producer and director. How long ago did you come to this industry?

Ila Jahan Nadi: Actually, the movie is coming from a place of love. I think film is a powerful medium of entertainment. In my childhood, when I first sat in my mother’s cell and watched the movie, my ‘stupid mind’ grows from day to day. I am a physician, I have a good standing in this profession. I could have chosen that jump, and I also worked at an NGO for 5 years. The love of cinema is passed on to the industry by passing many things in life.

I used to write stories before, when other directors worked on my story, I liked it, and then I saw in some places how I thought the story was changed and the story was shot. It’s one thing that I’m doing a PhD, but since I didn’t have the technical knowledge in this place, I did not give a directive even though I produced my first movie. And since I have been a Creative Director at three organizations. This sector is fairly successful in the mercy of Allah. So I’ve been working in this place for 8-12 years.

Then I started directing the movie myself. I really want to work on life-based stories, not just stories that people will think of when they see them. It is the story of my life or the story of a girl or son in the house next door. That’s my favorite pattern. When I didn’t respond to two stories in two places. Then my mom helped again in the production. My mother was very brave. And as a grandson of a zamindar family, I have been very bold and dreamy since childhood.

Whatever your tide is, you can be sure of victory! In that case, what to do after winning?

Ila Jahan Nadi: First of all, I will thank God for receiving so much love in such a short time. I want to add a new dimension to the development of our cinema-loving senior people. I want the movie to be a powerful entertainment channel in this country


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