International Supermodel Farhan Opening New York Fashion Week


Entertainment Reporter : After winning the top Male Model award Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is going to open the show for New York Fashion Week in this September 2019. This is something everyone dreams for years and without a doubt this is an enormous achievement for him and Bangladesh.

Supermodel Farhan is also going direct a Fashion show on behalf of his mother Parvis Chowdhury for New York Fashion Week on September 8th where her designs will be showcased. This Fashion show will take place in the Church of Holy Apostles in New York. He is the only son of renowned Fashion Designer Parvis Chowdhury and Businessman Mainul Islam Chowdhury.

Her designs were showcased last February as well. She is the first designer to be on New York Fashion Week from Bangladesh.

Supermodel Farhan is also going to walk for Los Angeles Fashion week this October, 2019. And unlike New York fashion week he is going to be the first model from Bangladesh to be on Los Angeles Fashion week.

Supermodel Farhan has already joined as a Show Producer for a TV Channel. He has already submitted two proposals and both of his proposals have been accepted by the producers. One of the shows will be related to modeling and fashion industry. And the other show will be about bringing out the talents from Midwest in USA.

He believes that there are a lot of talented people around Midwest who don’t get the platform to show their talents. He will try to support them to showcase their talent to the whole world. All they have do is sign up and send their videos to come to show. If everything goes right, show tapping will start from the end of November.

During an Interview with Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury, he said “I love the Fashion Industry, and I love the hustle people do for modeling. I met so many remarkable people in this fashion industry who are the dearest people in my life. If I can help people to follow their dreams and eventually see them happy doing what they love to do, that would be my ultimate achievement and would give me a lot of happiness.”

Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is also going to be on Big Screen soon. The shooting for this movie will take place in New York and California. He is super excited for this and hoping this would be one of the biggest breakthrough of his career.


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