Model-Actress Nusrat Lia


Entertainment Reporter : Nusrat Lia, the young model-actress of the time. He is currently busy working on the small screen. This time he played a stage drama titled ‘Damal Bhal Nazrul’. Genesis Theater has brought the drama to the stage under Mahmud Ullah and directed by Noor Hossain Rana.

The play was composed with the autobiography of the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on the occasion of his 7th death day. The exhibition was held at the Experimental Theater of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy from August 25 to August 25. Nusrat Liya’s performance in this stage drama has been greatly appreciated.

In this regard, model-actress Nusrat Lia said, ‘I have been working on stage drama for five years. I have a different love and affinity for stage plays. My performance in this play has been greatly appreciated. That’s why I’m so grateful to everyone. I want to work on stage drama regularly.’

The play is choreographed by Eamon Khan, conducting music development, costume design by Iqbal Khan and Farzana Roney and the director himself. Apart from Nusrat Leia, the play has also featured Emon Khan, Noor Hossain Rana, Nithar Mahbub, Farzana Roni, Iqbal, Afroza, Shakib, Mukhtar, Salma, Milan, Samudra, Ahna. Ali, emerald, dream, Sonia, a. Razzak, Mahidul and children’s artist Sarjana, Yashfa.


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