‘Mother Wanted Singer To Make Our Dream Was Heroine’


Entertainment Reporter : The mind is very diverse. Understanding what’s in the tax is a big responsibility. And what to write in the mind? The one whose mind only knows it. So is the dream of man. Beautiful young lady, Subah, dreamed of one of her childhoods – to be a heroine. Film and television will spread the light.

The full name of Rangpur’s daughter Subah is Humaira Subah. The fulfillment of his dream is now just a matter of time. She will soon make her debut as a heroine in a Dhaka movie. However, the fact of her being a heroine in a Dhaka movie is a matter of accident. It was reported by Subah himself.

Subah said that two of his acting films are currently awaiting release. The two pictures are ‘How much love do you love’ directed by Dewan Nazmul and ‘Solution’ by Mohammad Aslam. He has acted in two important roles in both films. The beautiful newcomer of Dhaka film has become optimistic with both the pictures.

Speaking to this reporter, Humaira Subah said, I dreamed to be a skilled actress. Will be the heroine of the country that will be the superstar of the domestic movie. I know this will be very difficult. Because many people like me are coming here to work. You can hardly stand. So many people are dreaming. But I consider myself Lucky. Because, I came to be a heroine! I’m about to make my big debut. I wish everyone a blessing, that I can prove myself.

Humaira Subha started to sing with the original song. The artist started his journey with the song Baishakhi, released on the occasion of Gela Pahela Baishakh. The song was titled “Let’s go to the fair”. Subah said he and the music director Robin Islam wrote the song. He said that there was a huge view of the first song of Baishakh. I also became a singer as a singer. Pretty soon but I’m about to start working on new songs.

Speaking about her music life, Subah said, “My mother wanted me to be a singer. So from my childhood he taught me music. As a child artist, I sang in Rangpur, Gaibandha and Rajshahi wireless. At that time I was a radio-listed child music artist. Subah said that as a child artist in his childhood, he was a celebrated singer throughout North Bengal. He participated in many stage shows at that time.

Although Subah made her debut in the country entertainment through music, she wanted to be her own heroine. His wishes have been fulfilled. So now he is dreaming of doing regular songs, plays and commercials alongside films. In this regard, Subah said, “My foot is to show my feet.” The fan of that dream is going to match. Mother wanted to be a singer but my dream was to be a heroine. However, both dreams were fulfilled. In front of me two pictures are going to be released. With all the love I want to establish myself as a film heroine.

Finally, the beautiful New Talent glamor girl Subah said, “I am dreaming to become a popular heroine of showbiz. It can be in both media – film and television. But I’ll do it with music. That is, after all, I still want to sing regularly. And that’s my goal.


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