Ocode launches ‘Back to Nature’ themed new collection


Natures self mesmerising magic grabs our imagination to create a feel of relaxation, euphoria, and calmness. This magic let’s us move around in the lush green fields, jump from cloud to cloud in the deep blue sky and appreciate nature’s beauty.

However, do we think about the role of nature when we are encountered by challenges or obstacles in our lives? Do we ever ask ourselves, what is the role of nature? How nature can help me during my troubled times? Where can I find peace in nature?
Do we ever think that in times of stress stepping out to see the natural colours that surround us can actually release our stress?

The soothing environment that grabs our imagination, helps to redirect our senses towards an enlightenment and positive approach. The enchanting beauty of nature with it colours can help us destress and view our obstacles in a much more simplistic manner.

Nature’s phenomenon helps us realise that problems are a temporary circumstantial aspect of our life. During this uncertain times of COVID-19, nature has helped us stay relaxed, breath life in to us, protected us and inspired us.

OCODE has been inspired by the beauty of nature and we want to celebrate this positive impact nature has on our lives. As we may not be able to get close to nature at this time, so we thought to bring the nature to you. So that you may reimagine and loose yourself in nature’s magic.


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