Participating as the Youngest candidate ever Joy Chowdhury


Entertainment Reporter : The biennial Election of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association will be held on October 25. Misha and Zayed panel submitted their nomination papers yesterday to the election commissioner.

Apart from this, few renowned actors like Moushimi, Iliyas Kobra, Nana Shah also submitted their nominations as independent candidates. Joy Chowdhury, the youngest guy ever who participates in the election has also submitted the nomination from the panel of Misha-Zayed. This is the first time ever he is competing. He is competing for the post of Executive Member. This young actor of ‘Antarjwala’ is really happy to participate in the election along with several all-time great actors.

Joy Chowdhury is very popular with the artists as he always tries to stand by the artists. He runs door to door of the needy artists and their families to support emotionally and financially even sometimes to the cemetery of late artists. He is engaged with all the development activities of the Artists Association.

Talking to the actor Joy Chowdhury, he said, “I am still organizationally affiliated with various development organizations and cultural organizations, and I have been started this from a very early age. I want to continue these until my last breath.

For the past two years, I have not been on any panel of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. However, I have been deeply involved with them. I have learned in the last two years how to assist the artist in various ways and stand by them, how to protect their interest and so on.

The senior artists of our film industry such as Sohail Rana Sir, Farooq Sir, Misha Bhai, Dipjal Chachu, Rubel Bhai, Zaid Bhai have supported me and encouraged me huge. They have given me opportunities to stay with them and learn from them.

Joy added: “There is no need for a post to do good things, however, in some cases, post plays a very crucial role to protect the rights of the artists. I am optimistic about our panel. Our panel is well balanced and formed by living legends of our film industry, among these legends I am the youngest one. I am really grateful to them. Because they think that I can follow their steps.
I am forever indebted to their kindness. I will try my best to keep their faith in me and stand by the artists. Keep me in your prayers.


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