Priya Aman busy with Eid Natok


Entertainment reporter: Actress Priya Aman at the Chhota-Pradhan era. Currently he is busy doing a series of Eid series and solo Natok. He has already finished shooting several plays. These plays will be broadcast on various private television channels on Eid.

Also recently, many plays of Priya Aman were released. These plays have responded a lot. Besides, Priya has been very well acclaimed. These plays are: ‘A clock’, ‘Relationship’, ‘Jalil census’ and ‘Moon after moon’ is sitting.

Priya Aman told her busy business with the current busy, ‘Now the busyness of the Eid Natok is more. I worked in half dozen plays. It has already been done in a few plays. There are a few more left. The Natok that I am doing and my character are different. I believe audiences will love the plays. ‘

Priya Aman, who wants to work in the web series, told Business Hour, “Now a good quality web series is being built in our country. I’m also interested in them. We got a proposal to make a web series from a production house. I heard stories about them, like it. The rest of the series will be finalized in the web series.

Priya Aman worked with Chhota Porda as well as Barshwar. An episode called ‘Invisible Enemy’ is an epic debut. He has also been a model of several advertisements. He became the first model of ‘Wheel Washing Powder’ advert.

Then work on advertising for ‘Prann Jelly’, ‘Passport’, ‘Asian Real Estate Company’ and ‘Teletalk’. He is doing regular presentations as well as advertising.


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