Shyness is Spreading the light


Entertainment reporter : Shormi Islam, daughter of Narail, reminiscent of renowned painter SM Sultan. Together a choreographer, actress and model. Emerging actress model of domestic TV media. Beautiful – handsome, educated and smart girl shy. It’s been just a year and a half since the show.

So, the girl and the audience has caught the attention of the creator. Acting in drama, telefilm, short film and modeling music videos of various artists. Shri. Shormi Ji works in an advertisement for Courier Service. The advertisement, run by Tonk Masud, is being aired on Time, News 1, News24, ATN Bangla and Bangla Vision.

While studying in third grade, his father ARM Nazrul Islam Alam admitted him to the local dance academy of Lohagara in Narail. After this the stage was associated with drama. Sharmy Islam has performed in a number of stage plays for the Census Theater. He has done numerous shows in a play called Kalpurusha. Acting and dancing, Khulna has been championed numerous times at the divisional level.

As the freedom fighter’s father was a civil servant, his family moved to Dhaka in the morning of the transfer. Then Shishi dreamed of becoming an ashishwab actress with teenage boy Udichi. In addition to studying the progressive and culture-loving father’s earnest interest and desire, Shormi continued acting and dancing for Udichi. After the honors were completed, Shormi zealously fulfilled his dream. Started acting in TV media.

“I could have made my dream debut in the dream world even more,” said Shormi, a friend and kind friend. But at that time, the first priority I had was in my academic career. The family was also told that at least the Honors Complite would come to the media. Asked what his first job was, Sharma said, the short film directed by Litu Karim was a grief in the interim.

He then played his part in nearly a dozen short films, including Nirupa, the scandalous wife, Drunk, Dumb Sister. Then Shormi became widely discussed by modeling the greedy girl song sung by artist Badhan Raj. “I was able to get acquainted quickly because of the greedy girl music video,” she said. Those who know me on the way, they call me greedy girl in love.

Applying his talents to the short film’s music video, Shormi performed the acting talent in two consecutive plays called Nunajal and Lulu Pagla. Her character is the heroine of two series.

In the words of sweet humor, humble daughter Shormi Islam said that she recently quit her job at a corporate company to fulfill her dream of becoming a popular acting star. Because of the busyness of the job, he could not devote enough time to acting and modeling. But there is no regret in this dream of Bibor’s dream of becoming a star.

He has already been offered film acting in a short showbiz career. Shy is certainly keen to work through a great deal of entertainment. However, not now. Now he wants to make himself more efficient and useful for film by working in TV media. After that, if he thinks he is eligible for the film, he will definitely be acting through it.

After all, she said that along with her father, mother Shahnaz Islam Eva and older sister Shormi Islam Bridges are also giving a lot of encouragement and inspiration to build a career in showbiz media. And so the encouragement of parents and sisters – with the blessing of the head – Shormi Islam, a rising star of the new generation of local showbiz media, has been busy himself in acting and modeling.


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