Suchona Azad’s First Film ‘Abbas’


Staff Reporter : Today (July 5th), the first film ‘Abbas’, released in 37 theaters in the country, was released by Suchona Azad. Through this film, she is also debutant from the small screen. In contrast to popular filmmaker Nirob played the film. This film has been made by young producer Saif Chandan.

Suchona Azad said that the film will be seen in the role of ‘Rally and Top’ daughter of old Dhaka named ‘Daliya’. He is also very hopeful about this picture.

Today your first picture is being released, how are you? If you want to know, you can say that this joy is not really about speaking in the language. I really feel sorry I am excited. Because today my actress ‘Abbas’ will see the audience. In the meantime, the movie was released by the trailer. The trailer has received great praise from all viewers. I believe it’s not just the trailer, but Missemema will also be good to viewers. Because ‘Abbas’ is like a movie.’

He further said, ‘Many people think that I have been acting myself as a movie, I am drunk myself! But not As a filmmaker, really the movie is good. Everything that needs to be contained in a movie is ‘Abbas’. As a new person, I have got many co-operation and love for artists while acting in ‘Abbas’. I tried my best to give the best. The judge will judge whether he has given it. Everyone is going to the theaters to watch the movie.’

Apart from the silent beginnings in this movie, Sohana Saba, Alexander Boh, Don, Shimul Khan, Nusrat Papiya, and many other actors have performed. Item girl Nila Nayeem can be seen in a special role. Irene also performed an item song, Irene.


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