‘The word success is very substantial’- Naharin Chowdhury


Fashion designer Naharin Chowdhury is currently working as the Head of Innovation at OCODE, a concern of Energypac. The word success is very substantial. You don’t just to be successful in your work life only, you must be successful by all means.

Although Naharin Chowdhury’s hometown is Rangpur, but she was born and raised in Dhaka. Graduated and post-graduated from Shanto-Mariam University of creative technology.

Naharin was always interested in doing something new from a very young age. Design is one of her favorites. After graduation, Naharin joined NEW AGE GARMETS as a merchandiser, then joined HIKE, then ZURHEM and in 2016, OCODE. Initially she joined as a manager but now she is the Head of Innovation at OCODE by Energypac.

Naharin believes in a proverb that says, “The woman who cooks also ties her hair.” A woman needs to do lots of work but a mother needs to do more. I am also a mother. I have a seven-year-old daughter. I have to pay full attention to her. I also want to make my daughter a self-reliant person. Although now she is much younger. Still, she is doing whatever she can do on her own – that’s how I’m building her.

‘To be successful you have to be a good student, are there any rules?” To such questions, Naharin Chowdhury replied, in fact, it is not necessary to be a good student; to be successful But of course everyone has to study. Textbook knowledge must be acquired. So, it is difficult to be successful without studying.

Asked if she had faced any obstacles as a corporate woman, Naharin said, “As a girl in my working life, I have not faced any obstacles yet.” I saw my work only as work and those around me saw me as a colleague only. I’ve never heard as a girl that I can’t do that. I travel a lot in and out of the country. There are different types of factories, big and small. But I never felt that I was a girl.

About working woman, she said, ‘First of all, you can’t think that particular person is a girl, First People have to think that she is a human. If there are 10 boys in a team and you are the only girl, you have to be normal there too. You have to make your own position.


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