this is my heartiest tribute for all the hero’s.


The audience of this country knows Parvez Abir Chowdhury as a Film Actor. But beyond this identity, he is a corona warrior or philanthropist, just like any other serviceable man.

The Baritone Voice hero/actor keeps himself confined to Corona, but devotes himself wholeheartedly to inspiring Corona fighters. Apart from this, he is helping people around him through privacy. However, this actor/hero is not so satisfied. In his words- his hand is squeezing to do something but I can’t get outside due to the Covid.

Meanwhile I was thinking to write a song inspire to covid fighters , I talk about it with music director Ahmed Humayun. I was didn’t sleep whole night and prepared a lyric. Next day I send lyric to him as soon as he read, he arranged the melody and music with interest.

Not only that, he also gave voice to the song. The title of the song is :- It’s your time’. It speaks of the Mother says to her son your birth is to significant.


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