Very Good Film ‘Beporowa’


Entertainment Reporter : Khaled Hossain Sujon, the popular model of the time, made his debut on the big screen with ‘Beporowa’ film. This film was created by Raja Chanda, the creator of Kolkata. And the film is produced by jaaz multimedia.

Popular film Star Eamin Haque Bobby and protagonist Ziaul Roshan have played the lead roles in the film ‘Beporowa’. The film was released in 53 theaters in the first week of Eid. New news reports that production firm Jazz Multimedia has said that it will grow even more in a week.

In the meantime the ‘Beporowa’ film has begun to be widely discussed and admired in the audience. After watching the film, viewers say that Khaled Hossain, the newcomer, is betting on the first film. Also, ‘Shameless’ will be the best film in Khaled Hossain’s career. That’s why many hopeful Khaled Hossain himself.

When asked how he was responding to the ‘Beporowa’ film, Khaled Hossain said, “Very good. Those who see the ‘Beporowa’ image are praising it. That’s why I’m grateful to them. Good story, acting, location, song is a combination of many good ‘Beporowa’ pictures.’

He added, ‘Before the release, the audience was interested in the film. Also, as the days go by, the interest of the audience is increasing with the film. His reflection can also be seen in the theater. Whenever there is a multiplex, there is a crowd of spectators everywhere. The film is still running successfully in theaters across the country. Hopefully, more will be added in the week. ”

How did you feel about seeing yourself on the big screen for the first time? Asked about Khaled Hossain, Khaleda Hossain said, “Very good. I really can’t express in words. The great thing is that the audience accepted me beautifully. I found his evidence yesterday. I and the ‘Beporowa’. team have gone to several movies to see the film with the audience. There were many people if only a few. Everyone is telling me, brother you have played so well. Upon hearing this, my mind was filled. Hopefully, I will do a better job for the audience ahead. ‘

Want to be a regular on the big screen? Asked about the actor Khaled Hossain, “Of course, there is a desire to be regular on the big screen. In the meantime my second film ‘Vishwasundari’ is in the works. Shooting a lot. I liked the character very much. The shooting took place in Faridpur. Hopefully, the viewers will find me in a new way in this film. ‘

It is to be noted that Khaled Hossain’s father Zakir Hossain Chowdhury is the father of Khaled Hossain. The youngest of her two children is Susan. She started her journey by modeling ramps at the ‘Capesco Show’ in the 5th. Then he got the chance to work with people like BB Russell and Imdadul Haque. She has also appeared as a model in several fashion films and five commercials, including billboard ads and multiple commercials.


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